Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lightning Bugs

Hey all, I forgot one more thing from Alive. Matt Redman led worship too and said something really profound. In England, just like here, people seem to enjoy worship, then once it's done, instead of going back to their seat or whatever to hear from the Word of God, they go to the bathroom. "Preaching is not a laxative." Anyway...

Do here's what I was thinking about the last few days. Lightning bugs are cool. I had one on my hand last night (he landed there, we chilled, good times had by all) and for the past week it's just kind of struck me, how cool are lightning bugs?

Think about it, your job is to design the universe. Make sure everything is in balance for life to take place, something you have created so incredibly fragile that if the earth's axis are off 1/10 of a degree life ends. You create many forms of life that need each other. Would you have come up with bacteria to help keep us healthy?

Then, in the midst of it all, what do you make? A bug that glows. Bright green. For only a few seconds at a time. How incredibly cool is that? How creative is God if He comes up with a glowing bug? It's absolutely amazing.


Monday, June 26, 2006

Back From Alive

Sorry it's been a while, but I was at the Alive Music Festival in Ohio last week with Stephen and Shawn. Following Liz's set of posts, here are some things I learned last week...

~Zippers on tents let in water if it rains enough.
~When huddling for safety in a huge tent, you have to hold the wood poles to keep the tent up and stay away from the metal poles so you don't get electrocuted.
~Ephram Smith doesn't like Batman (okay, not really, but he gave the same talk to us as he did at Ichthus).
~Toby Mac really needs to finish his new album.
~Troy really needs to get to work on his album.
~Troy also needs to start practicing guitar more again (thank you Lincoln Brewster).
~God's grace is amazing! (I can go for hours on this one...)
~Sleeping in a church van is more comfortable than you would think.
~When Stephen says his cell phone battery is low, it means he can still text a few hundred more messages.
~Instead of changing your behavior, as most Christians try to do, you should exchange your life for a new one (thank you David Nassar).
~I missed my last chance to ever see Audio Adrenaline... and I'm still okay with it. I also missed Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell... also okay with it.
~Showering on a hot day while camping isn't fun.
~There is a difference between experience and life changing experience (thank you Justin Lookadoo, or Bugaloo, or whatever your last name is).
~Even after being a Christian since birth, I still have things I need to change, I am still capable of changing those things, and I am changing.
~I have a list of songs that we need to introduce in NewSong (if you don't know what that is, ask).
~I love my wife and miss her when I'm gone, and I am completely lucky to have her.
~Even if your music sucks, you sound horrible, and I hate sitting through your 45 minutes of nothing, you can win back my respect when the guitarist backflips off a speaker while playing.
~People can come to a saving knowledge of Christ and start a relationship with Him at Christian Music Festivals.
~I eat less while camping. I also need to get outside more.
~Mud ruins shoes.
~God has a plan.
~Even though everyone else there is excited to see a band, that doesn't make them good.
~There are less bands out there that are 100% live than there used to be.
~Worshipping God is waaaaaaay better than listening to a punk band who's drummer can't wear a shirt.

That's all I got for now. Peace out :)


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Why Do We Doubt God Can Do Anything?

It's a fair question. We say God can do anything, but do we believe it? I've found most people are like this when it comes to God and money, but that's another day.

Today I was reading a story in Samuel about Jonathan, King Saul's son (this lesson also applies to what we talked about at church on Sat. with Shamgar). Basic story outline. Philistines are bugging Israel (to give you background, the Philistines were descendants from Greece trying to take over the Middle East, and since Israel was the superpower there who owned the best land, they were constantly fighting) and King Saul of Israel is with a few hundred men near a Philistine outpost. They are hiding in the trees doing nothing.

Then Saul's son Jonathan decides to do something, something rash, without king daddy's permission. He says to his armor bearer, "Let's go over to the outpost. Perhaps God will act in our behalf." Perhaps?! Would you go to war with no one but the guy who carries your sword on the thought that perhaps God would help you? But then he does something a little smarter and asks God to give him a sign. If the Philistines come down and get him, he knows he's toast. If they are lazy and tell him to come to the outpost, then God will help him. Long story short, they call him up, he kills 20 of them before the other Israelites see what's happening, then they all join in and win a huge victory.

Why do we doubt God? If God can take one man and the guy who carries his shield and use them to win a major victory, what can be too big in your life that God can't handle?

BTW, that's just a little victory. With God's help Shamgar killed 600 Philistines with an oxgoad...


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Been So Long

Hey all, sorry it's been a while. For the list of excuses, we had no internet last Wed. - Fri., Lorie's parents were down Sat. & Sun. and then this week has been crazy with the Promotion Lock-In tomorrow night and the fact we're burning 6000 CD's for the Fishers Freedom Festival Parade (plus we watched all the Lord Of The Rings movies back to back in the youth room on Wed.).

Will write more after the lock-in, promise.