Monday, January 28, 2013

Big Day Sunday...

First off, I apologize for not posting last week. Between the Winter Retreat and the death of Lorie's grandmother it got away from me. Sorry.

But for this week, we have a big game coming up on Sunday (I won't use it's proper name so I don't get sued). Many ministries, like our own FIRE & WATER, will be having parties and all sorts of other fun to celebrate this momentous occasion. So here's the thing, take advantage of the opening it provides.

Many people would never darken a church door, it's too scary. But watching a game on a big screen with free food, not so scary. Many of you may not know your neighbors, there hasn't been an opening to talk with them. What about inviting them to watch the game? Believe it or not there are even some people who don't like the 18 hours of pre-pre-pre-game coverage, what if they were invited to be a part of something else on Sunday morning?

It's funny, I've heard people say they don't talk with others about Jesus because it never comes up in conversation. Of course it doesn't, why would someone who doesn't believe in Jesus bring it up? So we should be looking for an opening to bring it up. Believe it or not, even a football game can give you that opportunity...


Monday, January 14, 2013

Depending On Helps

New cars are amazing. There are all these things to help you be a better driver. Rear view cameras as you back up (they even beep if you're too close to something), sensors on your mirrors that let you know if you are too close to another car (or a wall), built in GPS telling you where to go, all sorts of gadgets to help you be a better driver.

But that's the key. They are there to help you be a better driver, not make you a better driver. They are helps, nothing more. You should not be depending on side mirror sensors to let you know if you are too close to another car, you should be looking for other cars like a responsible driver. These helps are all great until we become lazy and start depending on them instead of driving properly and doing the things we should be.

When it comes to faith, are we doing the things we should be or are we depending on helps. I should read my Bible, but Jason always puts a Bible verse on his Facebook post so I'll just browse Facebook and call it devotions. I should be praying, but the church website has a place for prayer requests, I'll just put it there and let them pray. I should go to church, but Joel Osteen is on TV, I'll just watch him as my worship service.

All these things are great, but they are helps. Our faith should not depend on them, we should be living the lives we know we should and doing the hard work of getting to know God better and be who He created us to be.

After all, put yourself in the driver's seat of the other car. Would you want the guy driving next to you changing lanes depending only on the side mirror sensor or would you want them to be doing the things they need to be doing as a responsible driver?


Monday, January 07, 2013

How's A Christian Supposed To Act?

It's something I've been thinking about lately. What is proper etiquitte for a child of God? How are we supposed to act?

Do I tell the truth if it hurts or soften the blow because we're supposed to be nice?

Is following the rules higher more important than how you treat people? Can you treat someone badly for not following the rules?

Is it okay to fight for holiness?

Should we be teaching things that make people uncomfortable or make church a nice, safe, happy place?

Can I hang out with people who don't go to church or should we "keep to our own"? Or even worse, invite the two to get together?

How far is too far when serving someone else? What if they take advantage of me?

Are Christians allowed to get angry, even yell?

I've been looking at it, how would Jesus have measured up to what the people of God think we should act like? Oh wait, yeah, He didn't. The religious leaders were mad at Him all the time. Do we do the same to people trying to live like Him? Would we recognize it, support it, or disclaim it?