Monday, January 07, 2013

How's A Christian Supposed To Act?

It's something I've been thinking about lately. What is proper etiquitte for a child of God? How are we supposed to act?

Do I tell the truth if it hurts or soften the blow because we're supposed to be nice?

Is following the rules higher more important than how you treat people? Can you treat someone badly for not following the rules?

Is it okay to fight for holiness?

Should we be teaching things that make people uncomfortable or make church a nice, safe, happy place?

Can I hang out with people who don't go to church or should we "keep to our own"? Or even worse, invite the two to get together?

How far is too far when serving someone else? What if they take advantage of me?

Are Christians allowed to get angry, even yell?

I've been looking at it, how would Jesus have measured up to what the people of God think we should act like? Oh wait, yeah, He didn't. The religious leaders were mad at Him all the time. Do we do the same to people trying to live like Him? Would we recognize it, support it, or disclaim it?


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