Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Eastern Shore - Day 3

Our apologies this blog was posted a little late, but Troy and the internet are not playing nice and things just didn't work out. But it was our second day of worksites and here are some stories.


Hi my name is Noah Lipscomb. I am here to tell you about my fantastic day! The first thing I did today was go to a church and paint the walls. The second thing I did today was I went to the lighthouse shelter and I helped paint furniture. Thanks for reading!

I had an amazing day today. We started the day to go to a summer school type program. I met this girl. She demanded me call her princess. So, Princess started to work on her work book. She zoomed right through it. We probably did 20 pages in an hour. After the first hour, he had a snack. After snack, we all played games. I played matching / memory with princess. After the fun game of memory, (Princess won)   we said goodbye. I hated saying goodbye. Although, I knew I would be able to see her at Kids Club.

After we got back, we ate lunch. When we finished lunch, kids started rolling in. I kept on looking for princess. When princess arrived I was not playing attention. I was playing Uno with the kids that already arrived. When she arrived she tapped me on the back and scared me half to death. We played Bananagrams and had gotten bored real quick. So, we got out Apples to Apples. Princess is 4 years old. She was on my team. We played and played until snack started. When snack started, Princess was very picky. Well, after snack we started stations. When we did stations, I was put on Games. The outside, sweaty, humid games. We were going to play Capture the Flag / Cone, but the kids thought otherwise. So, I played on the playground with the kids. We played out dies for a good hour and then went in.

When we went inside, we did more choice time. We played some Uno and said bye to princess. She started tearing up and said goodbye. After Kids Club, we went to the showers.

After showers, we talked to this person and she talked about immigrants since she is one. After that we had Free Choice time. We walked around town and I got cheese fries and Pepsi. A little taste of home although I prefer Coke. Anyway, we went to the playground. We played and brought out our inner 5 year old. After that, we had our prayer meeting. We sang songs and learned lessons about Jesus. We had hearts to write down what we cared about and I wrote Princess. I will miss her. At the end of the prayer meeting we had or church group. We invited the Greenlee family (coincidence) over to our group. We talked and had a good time. To end the night, Troy asked us to write a story for the Blog and I volunteered. And that is basically it.

Anyway, that is Trevor Greenlee signing off.

These past two days I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at the Agape Community Christian Preschool. They were doing a VBS program that they had stretched out to last 6 weeks. I was able to perform all kinds of activities with the kids, such as singing songs, making crafts, and playing zombie tag around the playground. One of the highlights of my week was seeing the adult workers at the preschool and witnessing how much they cared about the kids. I later learned that several of these children had absentee fathers and unstable home lives. The women working there explained that their goal was to be the strong parental figure that these children need. This led me to reflect on the impact I could be making back home. I thought back to how much of an impact my parents had on me and how without their support I would not be the person I am today. This helped me to realize how much of an impact these women could be having on the children I had played with today. I currently work at the Fishers YMCA as a child care aide and knowing these children’s situations helped remind me that I’ll never know how stable a child’s home life is. Witnessing these women’s love has made me strive to make a conscious effort to show love to the children that I work with every day because I’ll never know the difference that it can make.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Eastern Shore - Day 2

Today was our first full day of serving, followed by a community cookout at a Spanish church and a time of decompressing all together and as a church. Enjoy the stories!


Wassup world,

I woke up this morning, went to brush my teeth, and managed to explode an entire tube of tooth paste all over my shirt and hair. However the day got better as I walked downstairs and was greeted with Liz singing Happy Birthday to me, which was the first time of many today. After the mini celebration we went out to serve for the day, which was our first time getting to go out and serve in the Eastern Shores community, and my group, the Wonder Woman crew, was assigned to serve at a site called Manna Café. The way it works is everyone in the community is invited to come and eat a free hot lunch every Monday in the year. Even if it happens to be a holiday. The organization stands to provide a place for many people who are food insecure, to be able to get a fresh hot meal, while still being able to maintain their pride and not feel as though they are a part of some charity. The organization runs entirely on donations and feeds 400-600 mouths every week. Not only does Manna Café provide hot meals for many, but it also provides a place for fellowship. When we first arrived at Manna Café, we were greeted by Fran, the woman who started the operation, and she explained to us everything we would be doing, and what stations we would be manning. I was lucky enough to get to hop around and work at every station which included working drinks, the take table, busing tables, holding doors open, and washing dishes. This allowed for me to get to not only meet, and serve so many community members, but also made it so I could get to know the other volunteers at the café and learn more about why they choose to volunteer each week. It was amazing to get to see a community come together and share a meal today, as we ended up serving 469 guests. If you want to check out more about Manna Café their Facebook is @MannacafeCI #plug. After a day of serving we went to showers, and then to prep the community picnic. When arriving to the church where the cookout was being hosted I was greeted by many of the people from our church handing me balloons and singing me happy birthday, for the about the 20th time, which was a really fun surprise, but sadly we didn’t have quite enough balloons to make me fly, although we were close. Overall it was an excellent first day and it was clear to see God working through so many smiling faces all day! #mintyfresh


First day is done. YAY. So yesterday we got to the worksite and met the other church and work people. I was surprised at first because the other churched looked way younger than us. They told is the age group was 11-18 and I was shook. I can defiantly tell who is younger and who isn’t. The kids from the other group created a Squad and they don’t let anyone in which I don’t care cuz I’m original but they wouldn’t let people in their own church in their group. So God moment. One girl from the other group was crying when I went down stair to get a drink I asked if she was ok. She then said that she was so thankful of me being nice and inviting to her. Then she told me that she was surprised that our Church group was so close and friendly to each other. Then she proceeded to tell me about her worries and troubles about her group. I told her that let it go cuz your time on this mission trip is short and by being angry and annoyed with these people she might miss God’s signs. I told her some other things but oh well. Today We went to children ministry. They were doing VBS which was the same as our theme “Shipwrecked” Since I have a broken ankle I couldn’t do most of the things they did but I did swing a lot and help with activities.  It was Kaili’s Birthday today so yay. 1 more year till she can do adult things.

Buenos noches familia!

Para la primera dia yo tuve la oportunidad para trabajar con los ninos de la comunidad. Esos ninos hablan ingles y espanol. Una famila que ir a el clubo de ninos prefieren hablar en espanol. Cuando yo no hable en espanol los ninos no escucharon los instrucciones y causaron muchos problemas. Porque yo puedo hablar espanol, los ninos escucharia a mi. Porque de este habilidad, yo forme relaciones con este ninos. Fue una experiencia increible y unica.

So back to the English you were probs expecting, I was basically saying that for my first day of service I was able to work with a Kids Club with a majority of the participants being of Hispanic descent. Five years of Spanish classes actually paid off and I was able to connect with a family of 2 girls and 1 boy who spoke primarily Spanish. This experience was so incredible because I was able to work with a young boy who had been causing troubles all day and speak to him in a way that made him feel more comfortable. It was awesome to see God using an ability of mine to connect with this family and help brighten their experience at Kids Club!

After working at Kids Club we had a cookout with the community. I was a bit skeptical of having the cookout on the first day of the trip because in my experience the cookout was always the last day, however having the cookout today ending up being a blessing for me! I spent my time at the cookout with a 9 year old girls and her 11 year old brother. I was able to just hang out with them and chill for the whole time (I gave her my snapchat so you know it was real). By the end of the night they were hugging me goodbye and were sad to see me go, and I was sad that I only had this short time with them. However, this gave me the opportunity to invite them to kids club tomorrow, which they excitedly agreed to! So, after talking to their mom we were able to figure out a way to get them to Kids Club to hang out with me tomorrow! I am so pumped to hang out with all of these great kids tomorrow!! Adios!!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Eastern Shore - Day 1

Hey everyone, I apologize that we have been a little quiet but internet and cell service have been a little spotty. But, we will try to get the blogs up every night (if they're not up we will do our best for the next morning). But here are some stories from our trip today. Thanks for your prayers and support!


I am super exited for the things we will be doing for this mission trip this year about learning to move forward is God’s journey for us.  I can’t wait to meet with kids this week and have fun with all the other people in my group.  In this time we will be spending together as a group I hope to get closer to everyone around me and learn to work will them and make so friends.  I am so happy to help with the people that need my help this week and allow God to lead me though the week.  I hope that we also not just get to help with people but to have fun with them at the same time and change them with the light is shine.  I can’t help but look forward to the beach and the activities we will be doing this week and I wish all of the people around me a happy week.  I think that everyone around me also has a great time this week, I thank everyone for this week and all the fun I am looking forward to this week.

We are currently in Onancock, VA. It took 2 vans, 4 adults, a plethora of snacks, and a lot of patience to make it through the 14-hour car ride to get here. We left at 3 am, which is an early start already, but a majority of us stayed up all night. I slept for most of the car ride, but others *cough cough* Troy, had to stay up and drive. Let’s just say, I’m very grateful to say the least.

We got to the church, and were welcomed with open arms by the site coordinators (they are the representatives with Youth Works). We haven’t done any direct service work yet, but I’m excited for when we start yard work and child care tomorrow. I am silently concerned because the youth works staff informed us that most of the kids only speak Spanish. Let’s see if my mediocre grades in Spanish for the past 3 years will get me through!! Please pray for me because I don’t remember anything from Spanish class…L

As my last mission trip is starting it is bittersweet. I am very excited to serve the community here in Onancock, VA and I look forward to these trips all year. Time spent with my church family on these trips is always some of the best moments to think back on throughout the year and hopefully many memories will be made on this final trip.

We arrived safely and got all set up in the United Methodist Church we’re staying in and I am very excited to start serving the community tomorrow. I’ve been preparing for this week for quite a bit and am hopeful to serve this community to the best of my ability. I am luckily in a group which is serving the community in ways other than kids clubs as frequently as others which is very appealing to me as I am called to serve in other ways. I am very hopeful to see what ways God touches me and those around me on this trip.

Monday, July 02, 2018

I Judged the Cover

I have a CD that has been on my desk for about six months.

It sat there because I judged what it would be like.

I finally opened it.

It's fantastic.

Why didn't I do this six months ago?

Oh yeah, I was judgy.

Don't be judgy.


Monday, June 25, 2018

It's Always Easier to Destroy

Sorry I've been MIA, it's been VBS week, and apparently acronym week...

Vacation Bible School takes up a lot of my time and effort because of the decorations. It all looks amazing for the week, but here's my realization. It's an obvious one, but here it is.

It's always easier to destroy.

It took us two weeks and about fifteen people to set up all the decor. It took three people about six hours to get it all down and either toss or pack it away (if we had tossed it all it probably would have taken us half the time).

I think sometimes we like to destroy things because it is so easy. I'll be honest, remodeling is fun when you get to swing a sledge hammer and knock everything down. But really, we need builders. We need people who will do the hard work of building people up, of creating and making things sustainable.

Before you knock something down, make sure you have a plan, the time, the expense, everything you need to build what's next.


Monday, June 04, 2018

Making Disciples

It's not the church's job.

It's not the marketing team's job.

It's not the website.

It's not the sign out front of the church.

It's not the pastor's job.

It's not the person next to you's job.

Jesus asked each of us to go out and make disciples. Not when we feel ready or we've completed the discipleship course, we are all to go out and make disciples.

We're not supposed to outsource sharing the love of Jesus...


Monday, May 28, 2018

A Vacation From Faith?

That seems kind of dumb, doesn't it? You suspend what you believe or how you live and take a vacation from it.

But if we didn't do it, the slogan "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" wouldn't apply.

The reality is we do this, more often than we'd like to admit. We suspend our daily faith rituals or devotions or prayers or whatever you want to call it all the time. And one of the big ones is coming up.


For some reason when summer comes people don't go to church as often, serve as often, pray as often, give as often, the list goes on and on and on. I see it so much working with teenagers, even though most of them have more time on their hands now. They're on vacation and everything changes, including spiritual habits.

So as summer vacation has officially started (at least here in my school district) let's do our best to not just leave God on the shelf for the summer. Don't take a vacation from your beliefs, your relationships, your spiritual practices. If anything, take this opportunity to give them a little more time and effort.