Monday, May 13, 2013

Who We Call To In Trouble, Why Not In The Good?

The other day I was reading this from the book of Jeremiah:

Kings, princes, priests, and prophets—all are alike in this. They call a carved-up wooden post their father, and for their mother they have an idol chiseled out from stone. Yet in time of trouble they cry to me to save them! Why don’t you call on these gods you have made? When danger comes, let them go out and save you if they can! (Jeremiah 2:27-28, LB)

It really got me thinking, why do people typically call on one thing when times are good, but put their trust in another when times are bad? For me, I'm a typical guy, I don't go to the doctor... unless I am breaking bones or losing copious amounts of blood. Then, suddenly, I trust the doc. Sadly, I many people could avoid going to the doctor in times of desperation if they went when they were healthy and kept on the path to good health.

If God is so powerful and amazing and trustworthy that when things are falling apart all around us we want to call on Him for help, why not trust Him when things are going well...?


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