Monday, August 19, 2013

Are You Artistic?

The real answer is "yes", everyone is artistic. We may not all paint (my best work is by numbers), but everyone has an artistic side, be it music, design, photography, writing, everyone has the ability to be artistic.

However, we see that as secondary. First is education or job or some other hobby. "When I have time I will create something." Here's the scary part. In many lives art defines success.

Robert Root-Bernstein at the Michigan State University did a study of Nobel Prize winners and members of the National Academy of Sciences and found these people all had several arts related hobbies. All. It allowed them to think differently. He even went on to say measuring someone's aptitude in arts and music is more predictive of career success, more so than grades, IQ, achievement or any other standard of measure.

Why bring that up? Two reasons. I work with students and I want them to succeed. Helping them get involved in arts may be a big part of that. The other reason, look at the history of the church. The art, the sculptures, icons, music, art has always been a huge part of faith and the church. And it seems to be diminishing. Yes, we still have music on Sundays, but how many people are singing? What about works of art? The imagery that was so prevalent hundreds of years ago?

So here's a challenge: to help find God and better ourselves, let's try doing a little more art. We may be surprised what we come up with!


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Ginny said...

i've been thinking about this, too, a bit.. I was glad to read this!

I may try to, if I do work in a church, encourage the "building of altars" throughout the church... small simple pieces of artwork made by congregation or student ministry; so that, when they walk by a year later and see the pretty painted stones on the wall, or the leaves they made to build a tree mosaic, they will remember the Biblical truth they claimed for themselves as they painted the stone, or remember the prayer they prayed. Plus it is just pretty!

I really enjoyed being able to contribute to "the look" of the WATER room when it was being redecorated. SO much spray painting outside!

Troy, FIRE and WATER changed my life and discipled me for Jesus Christ.... keep it up... May God bless you richly. You are anointed in Him.

Thanks for everything!