Monday, March 23, 2015

A Single Brick

If someone were to tell the truth 50% of the time, would that be considered good?

What about 1 out of 4, they only lied one time out of four, that's pretty good, right?

1 in 10? That's an A grade, so it must be fantastic...?

What about 5%, only 5% of the time someone lied, is that someone you could trust?

Here's the crazy think about integrity, it takes a lot of work to build but only a second to destroy. It's not an even street, a few more truths over lies makes you honest. No, being truthful all the time makes you honest. It's like a huge game of Jenga, it takes a ton of bricks to build it high. Remove one brick and the whole thing comes crumbling down.

It's not about perfection, no one is perfect. But we have to do our best to guard our integrity, especially if it's so fragile.


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