Monday, May 25, 2015

Loudness Does Not Equal Rightness

Being a musician I have played with a lot of people. And there's one thing that always makes me laugh (and cringe, and annoy me). It's the idea that power or "oomph" to music can be accomplished the wrong way.

For instance, the easiest way to mask a bad song and seemingly give it power, just be louder. Yeah, this sounds like crap, but if I just play it louder it will be better. Usually the musician feels this is working, the audience, not so much. Another trick of false power is speed, if I just play this faster it will be better.

In talking with someone yesterday, I wonder if we do this in conversation. Do we do this when we want to make a point? What I have to say is weak, so I'll yell it. That denotes power to what I'm saying. SEE, I IF TYPE IN ALL CAPS IT MAKES MY POINT EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!

Proverbs 15 starts with "a gentle answer turns away anger" (in some translations anger is "wrath"). Maybe if you feel the need to yell your point, you should examine what your point is and come up with a better one (or a better what to explain it).


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