Monday, August 17, 2015

The One Thing I Know For Sure About Jesus Is:

This past Sunday was our FIRE & WATER Student Ministry Sunday, a day where we share stories and let people know who we are and what we are doing as jr. and sr. high students.

It was slightly different this year in the way that I spoke at the end. I did a little experience with the congregation that our students took part in at our Winter Retreat. Fun for all. But then at the end I did something that we do every week. Whenever we meet (as often as I can) we end our time with the question above. "The One Thing I Know For Sure About Jesus Is:" It's just something we do to help students and ourselves be sure we are learning about Christ and looking for Him in all that we do. We are always learning more about Jesus, who He is and who we are in Him if we take the time to look for Him.

What I didn't realize is how that would make a bigger impact than the actual experience we did. That statement is why people stopped and talked to me after service. In our staff meeting that question and the idea of making sure we have something to take away from our worship times together came up. Out of everything we did Sunday, that little question and the two minutes it took to think about seems to have had the biggest impact (at least with those who have talked with me).

Here's the thing, we can do that anywhere anytime. We don't need the pastor to ask us that on Sunday, we can talk about it with our families or think about it ourselves. Every night before we go to bed we can ask ourselves where we have seen Jesus today and what we can learn about Him. Every time we read our Bibles or serve we can end our time with contemplating this idea.

So what about you? What's the one thing you know for sure about Jesus?


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