Monday, January 25, 2016

"There Wasn't Any Drama"

This was the reason given by someone why last week's FIRE & WATER Winter Retreat was the best one they had been on.

Now on the surface, that can seem really petty small. In a weekend away with God and people trying to get to know Him better, the absence of girls and boys acting stupid about dating and relationships doesn't seem like a big thing. But in reality, it is.

So many things are tied up in our understanding and view of God. How we act, how others act, how we feel at the time, the amount of sleep we are getting, even if someone said hello to me can seem really small but in many ways it can make a difference in our experience with God today.

That's why we need to be doing what Pastor Kevin said on Sunday, be living lives of worship all the time, even in the little things. Because if we live a life that all-encompasses what it means to be a disciple of Christ, even down to the little things, not only will we have an easier time seeing God but others will have an easier time seeing God in us.

Ditch the drama, stay with Papa.


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