Monday, March 28, 2016

Star of the Sea

Years ago before GPS and smartphones there were limited resources in finding your route, or worse, where you happened to be. The most obvious one was landmarks.

(This annoyed me when I moved to Fishers because everyone gave me directions based on landmarks that no longer exist. "Turn right at the old Lowe's." How do I know where that is if it's gone now?)

But sailors had a more difficult time. There are no landmarks. Just open water. So to find their location and their direction they would use the stars. Points in the sky that are consistent and act as an interstaller map. The most obvious being Polaris, the north star. Find it and you know that direction is north.

A few months ago in my reading I discovered that the name Mary means "Star of the Sea." Some believe this was done on purpose, the Son of God was given to a woman with this name because He would be the star of the sea for all mankind, Someone who they can look to and find direction.

In what seems to be a season of chaos in our world right now, do you know to look to the Star of the Sea for direction...?


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