Monday, April 18, 2016

The Bible Order

This has been something weighing on my mind for a while. Is there significance to the order of the Bible
Some are obvious and talked about. Letters and books of prophecy are arranged by size or author. That makes sense. But what about something bigger?

For instance, have you ever noticed there are always stories before instruction? Before you have the rules given to Moses by God you have the stories of creation, God choosing His people and the Exodus from Egypt. You have the historical stories before the books of prophecy. The stories of Jesus and the church precede the rules on "how to be a good Christian." Maybe we need to teach things that way...

But the one that is in my mind is Ecclesiastes. A book that seems very dark and "woe is me", everything is futile and meaningless. And it is followed immediately by Song of Solomon, a book that speaks of the intimate love of God for us. Why would God place those books that seem like polar opposites right next to each other?

Maybe it means we can't have one without the other, there will always be tension in our relationships and we need to love beyond that. When things seem futile we love anyway and love conquers all. Maybe it means if we are in a state where everything is meaningless we need to take our focus off of what is around us and put it back on our One True Love. The way out of the darkness is to ignore the darkness and focus on the light.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I have a hard time believing there is any little coincidences when it comes to God...


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