Friday, August 28, 2009

Food And Fireworks At Our Fingertips

The other night I was working my way through some pictures Lorie and I took months and months ago (I know, we're ahead of most people, looking at pictures we took!) and it was fun but there were so many.

The big bulk were fireworks. My lovely wife really, really, really enjoys fireworks. And now that we've entered the digital age, our attitude for taking pictures is take as many as you can, you can always delete the bad ones. so there are literally 9no lie) hundreds of pictures of the sky filled with color. And some are pretty good, she's good with that camera.

As I was doing this, I got a little hungry and ended up going to the kitchen to get something to eat. Looking in the fridge I was at first thinking there was nothing to eat. Then I stopped. Our fridge is full. And what we don't have we can get at Kroger a block away.

And it got me to thinking how lucky I am to experience things that most of the world will never get to. Just in this one night, I got to eat fresh food, much of which the rest of the world has no access to, while looking at pictures of fireworks. How many people in the world have never had the chance to see the sky painted with light and sound?

In a few weeks our church is doing a church-wide study campaign called "Hope Lives" in which we talk about global poverty and how we as the church can help, living out God's love as His hands and feet. In the book for the study it talks about how we have so many opportunities we have that no one else has. What drives me even more nuts, most people aren't appreciative of them, and some never even take the chance to take hold of them.

When I lived in Grande Cache, I was lucky enough to live in the mountains, able to walk up a mountain in a day and see rock and forest for a hundred miles. And yet, in that town, there were people who did not appreciate God's beauty. They had lived there twenty years and never taken the time to climb a hill...

Don't take it for granted. Be thankful for all you've been blessed with and take advantage of it!


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