Monday, January 30, 2012

Do You Put Yourself In The Story?

Last week I got to sit down with Randy, a guy I love because he likes to talk about the deep questions. Too many people are scared of that, but not him.

And in our talk we sidetracked a little into the stories of the Bible. There's thousands of them, wonderful, fun, and incredibly lacking in details. Storytelling in the modern age adds every little thing into the story to make it real, printing on paper is cheap. Thousands of years ago, people couldn't even read. If you told a story, it had to be short and memorable. So lots of the details are gone.

Here's the challenge, when you read the stories in the Bible, try to imagine the details. We talked about the feeding of the 5000. What did it look like? Was it hot or cool, sunny, cloudy? What do you think Andrew was thinking when Jesus told him to pick up the leftovers. Leftovers?! And what was he thinking when he saw his brother Peter walking towards him, also with a full basket of leftovers?

Make the story real. After all, they are...


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