Monday, February 06, 2012


I was reading the other day about the Cities of Refuge. It's quite the concept, God told Moses to set up cities in the land promised to Israel that were to be called "Cities of Refuge". The basic idea is if you do something by accident, say you're chopping wood and the head of your axe flies off and kills someone, you can run to one of these cities and be safe from the person's family who is trying to get revenge. The leaders of the city would listen to both sides and decide if you can stay and be safe or if they'll kick you out and let the other people decide your fate.

In thinking about the church my mind wandered to the fact we used to do this. The term "Sanctuary" at one time meant a place of safety. If you were in trouble and needed help, you could run into the church and declare Sanctuary, the church would protect you until your side of the story had been heard and the priest or church leader would decide your fate.

The question is, is the Church still a "Sanctuary"? When people need help do they feel they can run to disciples of Christ and be saved? Is being among Christ followers a safe place?

I hope so. If not, we need to fix that...


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