Monday, June 27, 2016

Jesus Will Offend You

I saw a video recently from a man I greatly admire.

Here's the reason I love this video, it's spot on. For some reason we have started to believe that we deserve not to be offended or have our feelings hurt. The problem is, if someone then offends us we want them to change or we ignore/get rid of the part of them that we deem offensive.

And you can't do that to Jesus.

Jesus was offensive. Jesus is offensive. He had no problem pointing out a sinful condition in a person, going so far as to call His closest follower and future leader of His church "satan". He asked questions that were uncomfortable and hurt going as far as referring to an entire group of people as dogs. He asked people and still asks us to do things that are not easy and may actually make us seem offensive.

And He's still 100% God and 100% love.

If you really want to know Jesus you will be offended. It's impossible not to be. You will have to struggle with Him and who He is and who you are. The only alternative is a safe Jesus kept at a safe distance.

Have you ever kept someone who made you uncomfortable at a safe distance away? How strong was that relationship...?


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