Monday, June 13, 2016


This is our daughter's word of choice right now. A few weeks ago we went to Disney World and it made sense and was fun to watch.

"Look at the castle." "Wow!"
"Hold on, it's a fun ride." "Wow!"
"It's Mickey Mouse!" "Wow!"

What's interesting is we've been home a few weeks now and it hasn't subsided. Everything is still a wow.

I took her to the pet store. "Wow!"
Playing with water in the backyard last night. "Wow!"
Seeing a mosquito this morning. "Wow!"

Somehow we managed to open her sense of wonder. Everything, and I mean everything right now is a wow. It's all amazing and new and exciting. She managed to be excited by the amazing at Disney but that has allowed her to see that same amazing in our everyday world at home.

It got me thinking, do we still do the same thing? I should be wowed by what she is looking at, but I'm not. I've been losing my sense of wonder. Do I need to reevaluate and look at what she's looking at through a toddler's eyes again? Do I need to see the "wow"?

Do I do the same thing in my faith? Do I need to read the stories, say the prayers, serve people with a new sense of "wow"?


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