Monday, July 11, 2016

TED Talks For Jesus?

I'm currently reading the new book from the TED talks, their official guide to public speaking. Obviously they have had many amazing (and not so amazing) speakers over the years and I was hoping to learn a few things.

But today I was reading the four types of speech to avoid:
The Sales Pitch: What can I get from you in this speech.
The Ramble: I have nothing to say so I just keep talking.
The Org Bore: This is how my office works.
The Inspiration Performance: Look at me, I'm a great speaker.

And I started wondering, how often to we share Christ like these? Here's what Christ/the Church can do for you if you get in with me. I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to Jesus but I'll just keep talking. This is how my church works so this is how you need to believe. I'm more concerned with getting my quota of talking to people about Jesus than actually talking with you about Jesus.

You know what the best speeches are? Honest. Personal stories. From the heart. What if instead of memorizing the Romans Road we just told people why we believe in Jesus and want to know Him more?

Of course, there's a catch to this: Are we a disciple of Jesus? Do we actually believe it (or even do we know what we believe)? Do we really want to know Him more?


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