Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ruined Faith Words - Devotions

This is one of those words that bothers me (I know, I'm a bad Christian). I always wonder what people who did not grow up in the church think about it.

It's meant to mean time alone with God. A good thing, a really good thing. Jesus did it all the time, but nowhere in the Bible did He tell the disciples, "I'm off to do my devotions." Even typing it looks weird. "Do my devotions." It's simply spending time with God alone.

What if we talked this way about other people. If when talking to my wife, we decide to go on a date, I want to spend some time with her, so I ask her if she would like to "do marriage devotions" Friday night. Really, that's what it would be, spending time talking with her, much like prayer is with God. When I spend time with Lorie and I doing "marriage devotions"? When I check hockey scores, and I doing "NHL devotions"?

Yes, we should be devoted to Christ, and yes, we should spend time with Him, but why not use the same words Jesus did. He went to pray. He was Scripture, but we aren't so we can also spend time alone with Scripture.

So that's my rant, another "churchy" word that really makes no sense, this one we didn't ruin, we just made it up. We shortened "acts of devotion" to "devotions". I've still got a few more words up my sleeve, but are there any that bother you?


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