Monday, March 15, 2010

Ruined Faith Words - Worship

Another word that I love. Basically, because I love worship, and it really bugs me what we've turned it into.

If I were to say we were going to church to worship, what would you think we would be doing? The most common answer, singing. Worship is a style of music now. Don't believe me? Go to a music store, there's a section called worship. Type "worship" into Amazon, the top picks are all worship CD's or books about worship music.

Don't get me wrong, I like worship music, I like worshipping God in music, but that's not what worship is. We can't put it into such a small box. Worship is a lifestyle, it is wholeheartedly following God as LORD, not Someone we can sing nice songs to (which, for songs about and to God, contain a lot of words like "I" and "me").

I think the church has really hurt this by having a Sunday morning "worship" service. Yes, it is a time of corporate worship, a time where we worship God together, but for too many people, it is the one hour a week we give God as worship. Well, if He really is Lord of your life, what happened to the other 167 hours a week? Those are supposed to be lived in worship to God as well. Anything you do, if it's for God's glory, it can be worship. Scrubbing toilets can be worship (and some people need to worship a little more in ways like that).

So the question is, next Sunday morning, are you going to a "worship" service where you will "worship" by singing "worship" songs? Don't you want "worship" to be more...?


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Anonymous said...

AWESOME: This word has been used in hollywood to mean something much less than what it really is intended. When I think of this word the picture of Sean Penn standing up with sunblock on his nose saying "Awesome... totally awesome." This is technically the right use of this word, but the power of this word is much greater than point to which it has been dummied down.
According to the definition of awesome is:
inspiring awe: an awesome sight.
showing or characterized by awe.
Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome

However, when we use this word in describing our Heavenly Father, because we have watered down its meaning so much, we are actually doing our God an injustice. He is awesome. He is the only person, place, or thing that is worthy of awe. I would love to see people stop using this word in regard to anything else besides our Heavenly Father.

What do you think?

Jason Miller