Saturday, April 03, 2010

Do We Ever Miss It?

Growing up in church my whole life, going to Bible College and Seminary, I have heard a lot of arguing about what one little piece of Scripture means. I don't know if it's comforting or worrisome to see it happened with people around Jesus too.

John 7:40-43 ~ When the people heard Jesus’ words, some of them said, “This man really is the Prophet.” Others said, “He is the Christ.”Still others said, “The Christ will not come from Galilee. The Scripture says that the Christ will come from David’s family and from Bethlehem, the town where David lived.” So the people did not agree with each other about Jesus. (NCV)

We should all know this one, Jesus was born in Bethlehem. If the people had only done a little more research and made sure they knew what they were talking about, they would all agree. And yet, instead they decided to argue over who was right instead of looking to see the whole story.

And then after, they try to grab Jesus again and can't (but how?!)


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