Thursday, April 08, 2010

Not Mine

Sorry, but this happened Sunday and it made me laugh. Two children, siblings of course, were playing in the gym and somehow a piece of garbage appeared on the ground. What's even more amazing is it must have come from an alien who disappeared because when asked to pick it up, both kids, "Not Mine."

Why is it that so many things aren't ours but appear magically? Or even more so, why when asked to do something that we may not want to do, even if it's easy and takes five seconds, we are quick to explain that it is not our responsibility and therefor should not be our job? Why not just do the little things to help out whoever left it or has to clean it up?

Just a thought. Apparently we're teaching kids this... What will the world look like in a few years when they're adults and everything is "not mine"...?


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