Thursday, April 22, 2010

Too Stupid

There are times where I hear stories about people and wonder how they manage to tie their shoes in the morning. Here's one of them, and it kind of relates back to the April Fool's Post.

Disney has a policy in all their parks. No one over the age of nine is allowed to dress up. It helps avoid confusion between who work at the park and who doesn't. A fair policy if you ask me.

Well, the other day a woman showed up at Disneyland Paris with her daughter, both dressed up as princesses. The woman was wearing her wedding dress and Mickey ears. Security saw her, asked her to step out of line, politely explained the problem and asked her to change or else she would not be allowed into the park.

This woman gets upset. How dare they do this to her. How dare they have this rule.

The sad part, already I'm on Disney's side, it's a safety issue. But here's where it gets worse. The woman tells the security guards she had heard this rule. Wait, what? She new the rule? Apparently she had phoned and asked the park if she could dress up with her daughter and they said no for the reasons above.

So she knew the rule! Why did she show up anyway? Because she had called on April Fool's Day and figured it must be a joke and dressed up anyway. And here's the kicker. Now she's demanding an apology from Disney.

Okay, seriously?! This is one of the many problems with the world. Everyone cannot do everything they want, it's just not feasible. So we have a rule here for the safety of the millions of children who visit Disney Parks, a rule that this woman had explained to her personally over the phone before visiting the park, and she still did whatever she wanted and wants an apology for not being allowed to act like a seven year old.

What if we looked at the rules, understood they were the safety of many people and don't apply to just us, and then follow them, how much easier would things go? Just a thought.


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