Monday, July 18, 2011

Osage, OK - Monday

It was our first full day of working, the final church made it today (their van broke down in St. Louis), and we got a tour of Pawhuska (the town) tonight. It's been a roller coaster of a day, as you will hear.

Today was an exciting day for me! I got to work with KIDS. And since I love kids I had a great day. Before the kids showed up at Kids Club at 12:30 we had 3 hours to plan. I volunteered to work outside the whole time and do sports. We created a scavenger with words from the parable of the week. Then we played Drip, Drip, Drop. The kids loved the scavenger hunt. However, their favorite part was getting wet. We ended up just throwing water at each other. There were little kids that got attached/ warmed up to us pretty quickly. It was cool. Later today we went to The Swinging Bridge. It was high up and I was freaking out. If you know me, my freak outs are crazy! But I did make a new friend today from the south side of Indy and we clicked instantly.
-Chloe Bultemeyer

The first day on the mission trip is almost always awkward the staff is new to us and there are people from weird parts of the U.S. like Arkansas or Wisconsin. But while we have a group from Arkansas all of our people have a friendship with someone from another church already it is kind of like 60 of me talking to each other. Everyone is that outgoing. Today I worked at a house painting a garage but it was in the shade so who can complain. We had a great time even though we were working in a group of three. Yeah small group huh! In the South they have a hardware store called the Meek’s hardware store. I kind of freaked out when I first saw it. There was an adult from the Arkansas church who was wearing a Meek’s hardware shirt, and Mrs. Patterson told him that I would think that is cool so he went upstairs changed his shirt and literally gave the shirt off his back. What a Day.
-Dustin Meeks

The first day of actually being on a worksite was very successful. I was assigned for kids club the first two days of the week. We arrived at the church to plan out our day. I decided to volunteer for the reading station to switch it up (I would be more comfortable outside playing games all day). Club started out with me being assigned with Mr. Buckler to watch a special needs child named Tristan. We kept him outside because he is not into the musical part of club. We spent most of our time playing Frisbee were he would always throw it and almost always was uncatchable. Of course I was out cause I didn’t catch it. He also kept laughing at Mr. B. Reading station then started and we had a time to introduce all the kids names (a bunch of kids seem to have the name “I don’t know”). Reading station went way better than I expected. Before I knew it the kids were leaving. We had a very fun evening activity on the shaky bridge with a dance off between me and Bobby. We also went to Look Out Mt. (which was really a hill). We took in the Osage views and headed back. I am looking forward to go back to kids club tomorrow and the nursing home tomorrow.
-Daniel Ogle

Thanks all for your support and we hope to give you more news tomorrow!


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liz simmonds said...

i love you all! praying for your time in OK that you will be a blessing to whomever you are serving and that God will stretch & shape you in someway!