Saturday, July 23, 2011

Osage, OK - Saturday

My apologies this didn't get posted until today. I'll do a quick recap, hopefully that will explain why.

Thursday is always a busy day. It's our last day of working with the community followed by a community cook-out. The town is invited to have burgers and hot dogs with us (we have a nice meal together). It's followed by our evening worship time and a foot-washing ceremony that with all the prayer and community that happens with it goes quite late (ours went until 11:30). Since we have to be up by 6:30 on Friday (and vehicles packed by 7:15), most people go to bed pretty quick. It would have been a good idea...

Friday we head "home", for us we stop a little bit before half-way and stayed the night at a church. We eat dinner together then process the week, we ended up talking about 2 1/2 hours. When finished with that, we're all tired from the week, it's our only relaxing day, so it's sleep, then up early and driving home.

Although it was busy, we had two students who wrote about their week of serving.

This week has been so unbelievable. I learned this week that God’s love is life-changing, and it makes you different. I also learned that you cannot blend in and be just one in the crowd if you really love Jesus, because that love makes you different. It makes you special. This week I worked with kids for my first time ever and boy what an experience, 30 insane kids against 16 kids and 4 adult leaders. Our first day was most definitely the most difficult, since the kids were coming off of the weekend and we were all new faces. So we spent the day trying to get kids to participate in our activities instead of running around screaming, hitting each other, hiding under tables, and throwing things at us. But by the second day, the kids started to get to know us and really listen and calm down… just in time for us to switch worksites. The rest of my week was all working all day in the 105 degree sun, but I loved it. Most of all what I hope to bring home from this week is that Jesus was different and tells us to be different from the average man, because to love Jesus wholeheartedly makes you different. You can’t hide it, God’s love will always shine through.
-Alec B.

Oh my goodness I can’t believe what has changed me motive me to learn more about Jesus. On the first day of the mission trip I went to a work sight for my first time and the owner, Connie wanted us to make a wheelchair ramp so Bobby Herron and Pierce Scott started to plan on the ramp as Helen Eastes and I started to pull weeds and paint some parts of the house. Tuesday was our last day at the work sight and the ramp was turning out beautifully. Bobby and Pierce, Spencer Tillman and Dan Henke and some other boys from Arkansas who were also in our group, didn’t now how was going to turn out. As for Helen and I we hope that the next group was going to finish painting the shed of the house. Wednesday I went to Kid’s Club and the kids were CRAZY!!! But they were sweet and kind and have love for Jesus. Thursday was probably one of the hottest days at Pawhuska, OK also the saddest day because soon we have to go back to your old lives and leave our new friends. And oh yeah almost forgot the ramp is almost done and Connie loves it! One main lesson I had learn God forgives, why shouldn’t we? Even if it is hard to forgive. Also being a Christian you have to be different so people can always see God’s light and love in you.
God Bless,
-Emily Buckler

So we're all home safe, we've had a wonderful week and we all have lots of stories to share (there will probably be a whole bunch during God At Work during the NewSong service tomorrow). Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support. Find us at church tomorrow and ask us about our week! And, pray for Liz and the FIRE (Jr. High) mission trip that starts tomorrow as well, you can read her blog at Thanks again to everyone!


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