Monday, July 25, 2011

Regular Blog Back Up - Thoughts On The Week

So I have decided to resurrect the blog, we'll see how it goes. It's kind of hard to tell since I reviewed the report on who is visiting this blog, it said last week no one visited. That's impressive seeing as we had people leave comments without visiting. More impressive was the week before I had 5 people, 4 from Brazil. Me thinks Google's having some problems...

But every Monday I will be doing my best to have a new blog up here, just things in my head. So for this week it will be last week missions trip. It was a great week, but here are some highlights for me:

-Showing up on time to the worksite (that doesn't always happen).
-Being with two adults who had never been on a mission trip (ever) and having another former student be a leader.
-Heat stroke.
-A great Youthworks staff.
-Hearing students talk honestly about how they try to fit in rather than Be Different for Jesus (our theme for the week).
-Having incredibly quiet people in my small group every night and seeing them join into conversation.
-Getting smashed in the face with a ball (more than once).
-Seeing how much our students love little children.
-Having another adult notice how our students raise the bar pretty high on how a house should be painted or a wheelchair ramp should be made.
-Discussing with more than one student how we can have the same spiritual awareness (hearing the voice of God) we have on this trip if they put themselves in a place to be spiritually aware (listening for God, praying and doing devotions regularly, serving, etc.)
-Seeing students faces when they saw the original lyrics to How He Loves (with the sloppy wet kiss).
-Praying with students and watching them pray with each other at the footwashing ceremony (went over two hours).
-Debriefing and letting students find dollar-store trinkets that represent their trip (also over two hours).
-Riding in the back of the van/bus (this is the first trip where I did not drive at some point).
-Henke spaghetti.
-Getting to know two other churches (we bonded really well this year).
-Taking a tour of Osage and seeing the house I painted six years ago, and seeing faces and talking with people I have not seen in six years.
-Sonic tater-tots.
-Hearing amazing stories of how our students touched the lives of others and how their lives were touched.

What about you all? Anything that sticks our?


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