Monday, November 25, 2013

Remember To Be Thankful

It's amazing to me our capacity to forget. Our brains are wired in a way that we can have information, feelings, anything simply slip away to never be seen again (but someone else will remember it for you, and remind you).

This week we will take a day to be thankful. People all across America will sit with families and share a huge meal showing their bounty and provision and we will all enjoy being what we have and be thankful for it. Only to immediately run out and buy all the stuff we don't have (and don't need) because we think it's on sale (which in reality it's not).

I recently found out that Black Friday was a produced holiday (we don't have it in Canada so I just thought it was something Americans always did, like Boxing Day). The American Association of Realtors created it, and all it's widespread panic, to convince people they did not have enough and they need more. Now. Hours after celebrating what we have. Some stores even on the same day.

It's sad that the one four-day weekend Americans are given is spent in a shopping frenzy. It's almost like we immediately forget all that we just said we were thankful for. And believe it or not, we also seem to forget that many of the prices for these stores will be back, if not stay online.

Let's not forget what we are really celebrating here. Let's just take a few days to be thankful and enjoy each others company.

With that, Lorie and I are thankful to welcome Leah Mae into the world, and thankful for all those who pray and support us!


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