Monday, November 18, 2013


At the moment, Lorie and I may be having a baby any day. I mean any day. So we are doing the only thing we can do. Waiting.

But there are two different ways of waiting. You can sit and just hope, singing la-di-da and not do anything until the moment. Or, you can have all your bags packed, car seat installed, nursery painted, house clean for company, continue going to doctor appointments and even have family with their bags packed ready to come down at a moment's notice.

Take a stab in the dark which one we are.

If you are to wait on God, which one are you? Are you sitting there just hoping God will show up and do something, or are you waiting, preparing for the day when God shows up, learning who He is so you can recognize Him in that moment, serving so you can be ready to do what He asks, praying so you can learn to hear His voice?

As Liz has said, sometimes we confuse waiting with loitering. Or maybe, just maybe, we aren't waiting on God, God's waiting on us to be ready for when He shows up...


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