Monday, November 04, 2013

The Difference Between " I Would Like" and "I Want"

These two phrases sound the same, but they are not. Let me explain.

I would like $2,000,000 (it's twice as good as one million). Meaning, if someone were to give that to me, I'll take it. It would be nice. I would like it.

But I don't want it. I'm not willing to give up my ministry and work somewhere else to get that. I will not get another job and lose time with my family. I will not break the law to steal it. The cost of getting the prize is not worth the work to attain it.

I would like it, but I don't want it.

What things are there where you have confused these two ideas? Would you like to serve others or do you want to serve others? Would you like to be more generous or do you want to be more generous? Would you like to be closer to God, or do you want to be closer to God?

Too often we confuse wanting something with falling back onto "I'd like it if someone gave it to me". If you truly want it, do the hard work of getting it. Including a better relationship with Jesus Christ.


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