Monday, July 06, 2015

After Being Forced...

Last week the Richards family took a little vacation. It was nice to get away.

We went to Holiday World with a toddler. There is not a heck of a lot rides she can ride, and when you add in the night of no sleep we had a little one who was a little cranky. In the morning all she wanted to do was walk up and down an inclined wood ramp. Yay.

After her nap we decided to take her swimming. She had been to a small splash park in the morning and hated it. At the wave pool, she would barely enter and kept trying to "save us" (pulling us out by our finger). She never went above her knees. Then we took her to the smaller pool with the small water slides. And still nothing. Splash park a bust, pool a bust, nothing was working.

Until my wife told me to force her down a slide and take her with me.

It was a battle. There was kicking and screaming. She likes to plank and go limp. She cried at the top of the slide. I put her in my lap and down we went.

And everything changed.

For the next two and a half hours we went down the slides. She would pull me to them and ask to go. she screamed and giggled and clapped every time. She walked in the deep water to pull me faster to the slide. She went to the splash park. She played in the wave pool. She did everything she wouldn't do before.

All because she was forced.

How many times do you think God has something amazing for us but we won't do it, and we are pulled kicking and screaming and still we can't take the amazing thing He has for us because it's new or we're scared or it's not what we think we want. Maybe we should let Him do it. Maybe it will be the next best thing we've ever experienced and want more...


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