Friday, July 24, 2015

Philadelphia - Day 6

This will be the last blog from students. We have arrived at our overnight stop, we talked about the trip for a few hours (it's always great to hear their stories and where they saw God this week), we ate dinner and now we're about to go to sleep. I will do a recap on Monday, but until then if you would like to hear more stories make sure to be at Fishers United Methodist Church on Sunday morning for stories shared during the "Christ in the world around us" time (I know there will be a few in the gym at 11:00). Thanks for all your support and prayers and we will see you tomorrow.

For part of my week I got the opportunity to volunteer for Children’s Mission, an organization that helps tutor kids who are falling behind academically. At first I was extremely doubtful of my abilities to be able to relate to the kids and teach them in a way that they would both understand and be entertained by. But as the week moved on the experience turned out to be more fun than stressful. The kids were extremely energetic and fun and excited to learn. Even though after three whole hours of tutoring the kids not surprisingly were struggling to pay attention, they still kept a positive attitude throughout the whole thing. This helped me realize that as I go home that instead of complaining about the amount of schoolwork I have I should just be appreciated that I have the opportunity to learn. -Hannah

This mission trip is a blast, we left early this morning after cleaning up the school we stayed in. We drove for five hours to the church we are currently staying at, we unpacked and went to lunch. For lunch we got real food instead of the organic food they had been feeding us.  I am not a picky eater by any standards and I did not like the food they were feeding us.  The reason I didn’t like the food was they tried to make it so healthy it was just terrible. So it was pretty great to have a normal lunch. -Alex

It’s been an amazing week. I spent 3 of the days helping out in various gardens around the city. I figured it was going to be hot and boring. However, it turned out to be a lot of fun. The others in my crew were extremely positive so that really seemed to help me. I went on this trip expecting to spend a lot of time with people in the community. I learned that that isn’t the only way to be the hands and feet of Jesus. By helping out in the gardens, people will get fresh food that is not readily available to them right now. As Troy said, Jesus wants people to get to eat. We have spent tonight talking about our week and playing cards, mafia, and sardines. It’s pretty awesome to hear all the stories, and I know we will all be excited to share them when we get home. -Logan

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