Monday, July 13, 2015

Stop Focusing On Yourself

The best way to stop being self-centered... serve.

I know that sounds mean to say, but our culture has gradually shifted toward making people self-centered. It's a great marketing strategy that has been around for decades but the newer generations have been told it their whole lives. Apple knew what they were doing when they had all their products start with "i", ad companies focus so much on what "you deserve", customer service is all based on making you happy.

Eventually it takes a toll. If you are told to focus on yourself long enough, you do it. Do you think it's a coincidence that at the moment our country is in huge debates over what "my rights" and "my freedoms" are, not what's best for everyone or even listening to differing opinions? We are raising people to focus on themselves.

And this is why I love mission trips. For a week students have to focus on others, serve others, put others first and in turn put themselves and their wants and desires aside. And the revelations that come out of that are amazing.

Next week we will be serving in Philadelphia. Each night three students (and adults) will be sharing stories right here about what they experienced that day. Please come back and read them, you may be shocked with what they discover. You can also see pictures and quick updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages (just search Fire & Water Student Ministries).

Pray for us as we serve others and break down some walls focused on ourselves!


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