Friday, July 17, 2009

Do What God Made You To Do

Today I was reading the story of a couple that lived a few years ago (it was actually about the son, but let's focus on the parents for now). True story, the son wrote it as an introduction to his book.

Anyway, his parents met while they were studying at Yale. Obviously smart cookies. Were married and worked for the government in communication with the first lady quite often. Smart and in a power position. But things weren't quite what they thought they would be so they made a change.

They became farmers, and part-time drama teachers at an all girl's school near-by.

I love that! Not because of what they did necessarily, but because it is in direct contrast to what society would say is good. Can you imagine they conversation they would have had with their parents? "Thanks for sending us to Yale, but this incredibly hard, intelligent, and well-paying government job, it's just not for us. So we're going to be farmers. Come visit and you can have some beets on the house."

It just doesn't make sense in our society. We go after money, fame or power (or any combination of the three). But if you were created by God to be an artist, teaching biology will kill your soul no matter how much you're paid. I'm lucky enough that I love what I do (there are days, but all in all, it's great) and this week I get to go be with 50 people serving God in ways that will stretch them like never before. And I get to be a part of that! Thank you God for making me :)

And now to get ready for Toronto. I'm planning on blogging each day (but it really depends on Internet access...)


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