Monday, July 20, 2009

Toronto Day 1 (Sunday)

Well, we made it. After leaving on time(!) we managed to get out of Fishers and all the way to Canada with no problems. Even at the border, we made it quick. The look on the immigration officers face was priceless when she had interviewed two people and realized she had 47 more to go. She literally yelled out, “Everyone hold out your papers” and went through everyone in 30 seconds, “Good, good, good, good…” all the way down the line. I hope going back to America is that easy!

Because of that we managed to be ahead of schedule, meaning we took a long lunch at White Oaks Mall in London (which meant I got to see my sister and her family, yay). It also meant I got to eat poutine for lunch (also yay).

Toronto was a little bit of a chore because our wonderful Rand McNally directions had us on Shore Road Boulevard for 1.6 miles, which was really more like 16 miles. The good part is everyone got to see a nice piece of Toronto, CNE, Skydome (Rogers Field), CN Tower, Air Canada Center, Ontario Place, etc. But then in a few short blocks the lovely painted condos turned into a more run-down area.

Everyone is settled and about to head to bed. We had Club earlier (our mini church service) where we talked about Freedom, and how we generally view freedom as our own personal ability to do what we want, not the idea in Galatians 5 where Paul talks about us being free not for ourselves but to use that freedom to help others.

We’re heading to bed, hearing about proper conduct and appropriate behavior before bed (there is no better bedtime story). Hope to be back filling you in with more tomorrow.


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