Friday, July 24, 2009

Toronto Day 5 (Thursday)

Today was a little bitter sweet. It was the last day which means we have lots of fun, but it also means that we have to say good-bye. For our group, we had a massive water fight, and I don’t mean a little one. We were all soaked, extremely soaked. We did it because it was raining. So we were cold and wet, playing in water. But we had so much fun and had a good time with the kids. We’re really going to miss them.

I finally had a day off this afternoon, between showers and writing happy fun notes, I really haven’t spent a lot of time just hanging out. Today is why I do them early, so I can have time at the end of the week just hanging out. It was lots of fun.

For the evening activity, it was about to rain again, so we went out to the park behind us, took pictures, played football, played group rock, paper, scissors (ask about the group hug), lots of fun. After, Shawn and I beat people in Euchre.

Then we had our last group time which involves the foot-washing ceremony that is a tradition every year at Youthworks. And once again it was great. Our guys and gals, for some unknown reason, they just know how to pray, they know how to be still, they love each other and have no problem running up to each other and hugging and praying and crying with each other. At midnight the Youthworks leaders finally asked if we could go to sleep, not that they wanted us to stop praying, but they wanted to make sure everyone gets up at 6:30 tomorrow (Bah!).

So that is why there are no students blogging tonight and why there are no pictures and why this is so late. It’s almost 1:00, everyone’s finally in bed, and I have no problem with that. They have had a great week of serving, the staff here keep saying thank-you to them for all they’ve done, they’ve prayed with each other. Tomorrow we are off to have a day of relaxing and fun which they have more than deserved. Hope to get you some news about it then. See you in two days!

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