Monday, October 19, 2009

Lessons From Cooking - Part 3

Sorry it's been a few days. Moving + pumpkins = no time...

Anyway, another lesson from cooking. Do it right the first time.

I know that can't always happen, mistakes are just part of living life, but there are times where we choose the cheap/easy/quick path instead of taking the time to do things properly the first time.

The problem with doing that with cooking, generally there are no second chances, either you don't have time to start all over or you don't have extra of every single ingredient. Instead of skimping on an ingredient thinking it's not important then having a bland meal later (or worse, whatever it was sprinkled on top), why not just do it right the first time?

It's kind of like the last one, follow directions, but anyone can follow directions and still do a sloppy job. If we do it right the first time, try our best at least, it makes things go much smoother.

I was reading this morning from a guy who was re-doing his house. This guy is a park planner so he knows about making sure everything is thought of and taken care of. When he got to remodelling part of the house the contractor not only gave him a quote, he gave him a discount! Why? Because he had already thought of everything and had the plan done. The contractor told him stories about people who have a "rough idea" then in the midst of the construction change their mind or try something different (and those same people can't understand why the cost of their project is higher than originally anticipated).

So instead of doing things so-so then trying to do them well after, or worse yet, fix it, just do things right the first time. It works way better in cooking, trust me (I've made a few mistakes).


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