Saturday, February 20, 2010

Don't Put Yourself In That Position

All day Lorie has been enjoying what we call "Momma's Stories", those cheezy Saturday afternoon movies that just make you realize how amazing American Cinema can be.

At the moment she's watching a nice teeny-bopper one. But all those movies fallow the same storyline and we just hit the part that drives me nuts. There is the happy couple that are not yet a couple, they like each other, but there's some other person in the love triangle who is trying to break them up. And inevitably in every movie the good guy/girl who is being manipulated ends up being seen by their true love in a position that they didn't mean. Kissing the other girl, holding onto the other boy, whatever it is. And there begins the next hour of entertainment where the two lovers find out it was a mix-up and who they should really be with.

Here's the part that drives me nuts though. We could skip an hour of this is all the people involved would do one thing: think! There would be no "misunderstanding" if the people involved used their heads and didn't get into that position in the first place. Don't go to lover's lane with your old girlfriend, even if she says it is just to talk. Don't go over to that other boy's bedroom. Just don't do stupid.

I think the reason people relate with these stories is because we've all done it. Been where we shouldn't have been, been seen in a light we didn't mean or was totally out of context. But for our sakes, let's make our personal movies less entertaining and with a lot less effort to dig out of bad situations. Think first and don't be put yourself where something could be misconstrued.

After all, who wakes up in the morning and says, "I could use more drama in my life today. Now how can I do that...?"


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