Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Own Up To My Mistake

Sorry I've been spotty lately on the blogs, being sick really through my schedule for a loop.

Anyway, I have emailed a few key people and thought everyone else might like to know, since laughing at people's misfortunes is fun. We've been having some sound problems at NewSong lately and I just haven't been able to find the problem.

Well, God is smarter than I. The other day Taylor asked me a question about the NewSong amps and I found the manual, looked up the info, and while looking saw the schematics of how our amps should be hooked up, and immediately saw that it was different than how we have it now.

That's right, for over four years we have had the amps hooked up wrong. I apologize to everyone on the internet for making Lisa try to work with something not hooked up right. But yes, I messed up.

The good part is, I can fix it. I think too often when we mess up we try to cover it. Instead, let's say "I did this wrong, I will fix it" and move one. It may make life easier...


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