Monday, May 24, 2010

Does That Describe Us?

Last night Lorie and I watched the finale of "Lost" (I liked it, Lorie's on the fence), but I read this today about the show which is a something to think about.

Ultimately, 'Lost' was a show for the anxious, uncertain, post-Sept. 11 nation we have become. We've had to accept ambiguity as a fact of life, and we seek answers and closure, though none may be forthcoming. We're leery and skeptical about science but riddled with doubt about faith. To the extent that 'Lost' was about the journey and not the destination, about the drive to solve riddles rather than the solutions themselves, it was the show that best explained us to ourselves. (

Do you think that's true about us? We are anxious, we are uncertain, we are worried about things beyond our control, we don't like ambiguity but rather answers and closure, skeptical about science and doubtful of faith? Just something to ponder... (no answers from me either!)


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