Monday, August 29, 2016

Desperately Thirsty

The other day I was mowing my lawn in incredibly hot weather. I mean hot. Sweat was literally pouring off my head. One of those days that's so hot that you take a shower when you're done and you still continue to sweat because your body is just used to producing it.

After an hour of mowing I went inside and needed water. Our fridge has one of those nice little water purifiers that pours out at the speed of molasses. And there I am standing holding a glass watching it fill up so incredibly slowly. All I could think was, "HURRY UP!" You know what's in the glass is too little to really quench your thirst but how much longer do you want to wait, is a glass half-full okay? I was just so desperate for water I didn't want to wait. It hurt to wait. I needed it now.

As I was downing the water after what seemed like an eternity the verse in Psalm 42 came to mind, as a deer pants for the water so my soul longs after You. Too often we like to drink a little bit of Jesus, we don't really need it, we aren't super thirsty, but it's nice to have a little just to feel good. But are we desperate for Jesus? Do we thirst for Him in such a way that we know a little won't do and it's hard to wait for the depths of His love that we need? Are we willing to yell at our spiritual refrigerator, "Where are you? Hurry up!"

Are we really thirsty for Jesus?


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