Monday, August 01, 2016

Is It Still A Miracle?

The other day in staff meeting we were talking about the nation of Israel when they were wandering through the wilderness. You may have heard that story, under Moses they had to wait 40 years to enter the Promised Land that is now Israel and as they were wandering God took care of them. He provided food for them, manna from heaven and quail to eat. Every morning this food would just appear and be ready for the people to take and eat.

So here's where the conversation got interesting (for me at least). At what point is a miracle no longer miraculous? I'm sure the first day when the people are hungry and this food just appears on the ground they were thanking and praising God for all He has done for them. But after eating manna for 39.5 years, was it still a miracle? Did they go out in the morning praising and thanking God for once again giving them manna or was it simply expected? Was it even hated ("I wish we had something else to eat")?

A few months ago I wrote about a quote from Charlotte's Web, saying yesterday's amazing is today's ordinary. This story got me thinking about that once again. Do we start to take God for granted? What if we saw each breath as a miracle? What if we entered church on Sunday looking out to experience God, realize we are going to sing and worship Him together (and that He's actually listening), that we are going to read Holy Words given to us by God Himself for us to learn more about Him so we can be in a better relationship with Him and that we will have a chance to show love to everyone there by serving them today? What if we thought about what Jesus' sacrifice of love really meant and what He really gave up for us?

Or is it just the same old bread from heaven we ate yesterday and the day before that?


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