Monday, August 08, 2016

More Stories

It's always fun to see everyone who has read this blog during the weeks of the mission trips. But what makes those blogs so great is all the students sharing their stories.

First, I'd like to invite you to hear more stories. This Sunday (8/14) at Fishers United Methodist Church at either 8:30, 9:45 or 11:00 in the Sanctuary we will be sharing stories from the mission trip and other times we have experienced Jesus at FIRE & WATER. We'd love for you to come out and be a part of that.

But also, be sharing your story. Let's just be honest, we aren't that good at it. Even for myself as a youth pastor, when you ask a youth pastor about their ministry usually the first answer is how many students attend or a rundown of our schedule/what we offer students. You know what would be a great answer? Stories of Jesus moving in people's lives. After all, wouldn't you be way more interested in that over how many seats were filled last Sunday night?

Jesus never wrote a book of instruction. He never wrote a word (that we know of). When God commissioned the Gospel writers they didn't write how-to manuals either. They shared Jesus stories. Maybe we need to start living life the same way.

(No really, you're invited to join us Sunday. We hope to see you there).


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