Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Necessity Of Prayer

In a few weeks we will be talking about Nehemiah in church. But as we're talking about him, I've been doing some reading and part of what we will be talking about is the necessity of prayer. When Nehemiah prayed, he was needing God's help.

And it got me to thinking, do we pray here in America because we feel we need something from God or because we want to feel good? When we pray because we need God to do something or would it just make our week a little better?

Here's an example. Grace. Almost every good little Christian says grace. But why? Do we really ask God to bless our food because we feel it needs a blessing, we feel that without God intervening the food is dangerous, or are we asking simply to be nice to God, make Him feel included?

What about our other prayers? Are we asking for God to heal whoever because we are pleading for His divine intervention, if that person isn't healed it hurts us? Or would it just be nice if God helped? We don't believe He will do it, but it'd be a nice little bonus if He did.

I don't know, it's making me think a little more about my prayers and what I really need from God or just think it would be nice...


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