Sunday, September 06, 2009

Unseen Heroics

Something I've been thinking about.

In Ephesians 6 we're told about how we're in a spiritual battle, one that isn't really seen or heard, but one that we are in nonetheless. But when we can't see or hear it, do we still fight it or do we forget about it?

This hit my head when I was watching football and the Matrix (I told you, it's on TV all the time lately). So many people have this longing to do something great (if you were at Fishers UMC today you heard all about that). People want to do something great. Be the one. Catch the end-zone pass when the clock runs out, or return a 2-point conversion (that was crazy yesterday). People want to be something great.

And here, we have a chance to. The difference is, there's no screaming crowd, there's no crazy theatrics, there's no adrenaline, there's just simple things like prayer, serving, putting others first, giving, study of the Word of God, living a life of worship. And I was thinking if that negates how great those acts are. In essence, no, it doesn't. But without the emotion or the black and white of a scoreboard, it sure feels like we're not doing anything big at all.

I think that's what makes it even more important! God wants us to live holy lives of worship for Him without the hype, without the craziness, with only you and Him. When it comes down to it, it's a lot easier to be the hero of the day with fans and adrenaline and chalk-lines, but can you be the hero of the day in the silence of your own heart?


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