Tuesday, September 08, 2009

We Know What It Is!

Sorry it's been a few days. Lorie and I have been sick and out of town, a great combination.

Anyway, the big news of the day for us. We have a little garden next to the house and as I've mentioned here before we have this one plant that is absolutely huge, a big vine with yellow flowers, and we have no idea what it is. Today we found out. There was a tiny little fruit on it, about the size of a gumball (it took me a while to find a comparison, my youth pastor mind kept going to empty water balloon). Small, but it looks kind of like a watermelon...

It is a watermelon! We have a watermelon vine that is taking over our garden. Only one small problem, we didn't plant any watermelon!!!

So how did it get there?

Our best guess is this. We have been composting since we moved into the parsonage. And we have eaten our fair share of watermelon (although we usually get seedless). The best guess we have is last year a seed got in the compost, it stayed dormant in the winter, and when I spread the compost this spring, we got watermelons. And since it was in the garden we didn't think it was a weed so we didn't pull it. But yes, we got a watermelon vine by surprise.

And it got me to thinking (as random things usually do) how this can happen to us in our garden of life (cheesy, but follow me). Every day we continually plant things in our soul, what we watch, what we listen to, who we talk with, etc. and if we are not careful, tending to our soul, stuff that snuck in will manage to grow. And take over. And become a huge plant that sucks the nutrients needed for our more important plants (one of our cucumber plants is dying because it can't get sun thanks to this huge vine).

So be careful what you put in your soul. Even the stuff that gets in by accident can take up root if you're not careful...


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