Monday, August 09, 2010

Inviting Spaces

Yesterday was our Back To School Bash, a last party before school starts (2 more days, yay!).

We had a fewer people than in the past last night, but there were a few highlights, one being almost $200 raised for our Compassion Children. But we had another one. Our new room. Last week we updated room 173 (the youth room) and have now dubbed it "The Wharf" (this week we are finishing "The Pier" where the Jr. Highs meet). We changed out the chairs, painted, changed lights, added smells and sounds, and the crazy part, it worked. Last night we had more people hanging out at The Wharf than in the gym with the "fun" things.

The question is why. Well, we wanted to make a place that was inviting, somewhere we knew people would want to come in and hang out. We do it in our homes. Almost every room has a living room or family room (or both), a room that is meant to be inviting to people, a room where the family and guests can come and just be together.

So... do we do this with God's house? Is God's Church "inviting" to you? To your friends? To people who have never been there? We try so hard to make sure our homes are inviting, presentable, clean, smell good, whatever it is when company comes, do we work together to do this for our Father's House where people come to visit?

Just a thought...


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