Thursday, August 05, 2010

Still Thinking About The Mission Trip...

Last night we had a post-trip meeting where we looked at pictures and talked about what we miss on the trip, what we remember, things of that nature.

What always interests me is when we start discussing the things we'd like to change. This goes far beyond the mission trip or the people in the circle for me, because it's fascinating to me how often people say they are going to change, and within a week old habits return (myself included here, why can't I do what I say I will?!).

Like a simple one for me, I thought I would try and get up earlier like I did on the trip. A few other people mentioned daily schedules and doing more in their day. It seems like a pretty simple thing to do, but somehow we seem to lack the self-motivation to really do it (summer vacation may play a hand in this one).

It all goes back to change and the things that have been going on at our church lately. If someone wants change bad enough it will happen. The problem is, comfort is soooo much easier.

So for those that went on the mission trip, don't give up. Aim for the changes you wanted less than two weeks ago. You can do it, we all can!


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