Friday, August 27, 2010

Prayer In The Wilderness

I was reading in Luke a little verse I see all the time, how Jesus would go off to the middle of nowhere to pray (Luke 5:16). And it just kind of hit me different today.

I've read that verse before and in context it's talking about people coming to Jesus for healing, but He chose to sometimes leave them to pray, how prayer is important. Got it. Even told other people that. But I wonder if there's something to the wilderness.

The idea of the wilderness is it's a big empty space o' nothing. There is no one there but Jesus and God. And I wonder if there's a message in that. It seems like (at least for me) we try to fit prayer into where we are. In the car, out and about, we pray in the midst of distractions. I wonder if Jesus is modelling something different, purposely go to a place where there are no distractions so you can be alone with God. I've heard about this before, many people have what they call a "prayer closet", a place they have dedicated to God and when they are in that room they want to be left alone with God.

Just something to think about the next time you go to pray...


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