Friday, August 13, 2010

The Temptation Of Jesus

I was reading this story in Luke 4 today. It's one of those stories that gives me hope but also messes with me. On one hand, I see that not all sinful and stupid thoughts that enter my head are mine, there is a deceiver and he is trying to mess with me. I also see that there is a way to not fall into sin, Jesus managed to make it out, and each time He quoted Scripture, I think that's a key to fighting sin.

But then on the other side, I suck at it. I think of all the times I am tempted and how often I don't quote Scripture, I don't even do what I should. It doesn't make me feel very Sanctified (as we were talking about yesterday). It also makes me feel bad to know although it's not my fault, there is evil in this world that wants to work against me.

I don't know. The magic Sunday School answer is I wish I were perfect like Christ, and I'm not. I just hope I am doing all I can to be living up to His gift that He gave me when He died for me...


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