Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Flavors Of Perfection

Although I didn't like the way they did it in a kids movie, I did like the example I saw last week of perfection.

A guy mixed a Christmas drink for a woman (in a kids movie, happy holidays), but the woman drank it and said it was perfect. It tasted like Christmas. The guy then made another drink and asked her to drink it. She said no, she couldn't. The first one was perfect. He insisted and she did, and discovered it was perfect too. And that's when he said the line I liked, "Perfection comes in many flavors."

I think we too often have a good experience, a good meal, a good anything and then decide "that's perfect" and leave it that way. But perfection can be different to different people. It can even me different to the same person. Sometimes something can be perfect but as we grow and change our version of perfection changes.

The point is, don't be scared of new things. You may find something else that's "perfect". Likewise, is you find something you don't like, be careful, to someone else, it may be perfect.


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